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Relationships are Everything

“There is only one thing on earth that you can take with you to Heaven.  It is relationships.   So gather as many as you can while you are here!”


Since 1988, my wife Tricia and I, have given our marriage and ministry to invest in relationships through pastoring, teaching music and serving children from the foster care system.

We currently live in Kearney, Nebraska.  Through raising four children, (three grown and one in high school), we have already navigated much of the “heavy lifting” of parenting.  At this stage of our lives, we have gone many places… but still have so far to go!

I travel and speak as an Ambassador of Vision for Royal Family KIDS  based in Santa Ana, CA.  I also serve as the marketing director for USA Communications in Kearney, NE.

You can find Tricia teaching Kindermusik & Simply Music every week through her business, Crescendo Family Studios.

The joy of our lives has been raising our kids, Jarrad, Natalie, Noah & Ethan.  We are thrilled to add “plus 1’s” to the family!  Mariah Stelling Murrish (left) and Lindsey Toman (right).


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Click below to watch “Bob’s Story.”  A testimony from a Royal Family KIDS Mentor from Lincoln, NE.